One of the areas we will be catering for soon here at Deli Craft are hampers, for the great range of self catering accommodation available in the area.

There’s nothing quite like receiving a warm welcome when you go anywhere, and the same definitely applies when you have a Scottish_welcome-hamperholiday let to rent out. Many people who book to stay at your holiday rental will have had a long journey to complete before they arrive. Being greeted by a welcome hamper is a great way to start a holiday.

Not only are welcome hampers a really nice touch, that will get every stay in your holiday let off to the best start, they can also increase the chance of recommendations and repeat bookings.

We understand this can be another task in an already very busy turnover day, so we plan to take this extra task on for busy accommodation providers, and offer a hassle free welcome hamper service.

What you choose to provide in your welcome hamper really depends on your target market. Some holiday let owners provide two or three basics like tea and coffee when new guests arrive, but it’s nice to go the extra mile and add a few other things in as well. Some owners provide a few luxury items as a welcome gift, while others provide a selection of local produce. Depending on the time of day your guests will arrive, perhaps something sweet for afternoon tea, or a bottle of something refreshing, with some bread and cheese for an evening snack. local supplies for a cooked breakfast will always go down well! By providing some food and drink your guests don’t have to run out to the nearest supermarket as soon as they arrive, or go hungry until the following morning when the shops re-open!

imageIt can also be a good idea to offer welcome treats personalised to guests if you know who will be staying each time. For example if you know there are children coming, prepare a treat bag for each one. Alternatively if your property is canine friendly and the people visiting are bringing a dog, throw in some locally made doggy biscuits. Everyone will need a treat when they arrive – even the dog!

If you work out the likely cost of such a hamper you can ensure the fee you charge for renting your property takes the hamper into account too. Alternatively a hamper can be an option on booking, giving the holiday maker the choice. They may also like a picnic hamper or a celebration hamper for example.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of a welcome hamper. It’s easy to put a few things together and to add your own personal touch too, and people will certainly remember you if you do go to the trouble of providing some treats for them when they arrive. So… what will be in your hamper?

At Deli Craft initially we will be offering 3 welcome hampers.

The Breakfast hamper

Varied sizes

Farmhouse Bread
Farmhouse Butterimage
Locally sourced preserves
Luxury Muesli
Free Range Eggs
Locally sourced Back Bacon
Scottish Ground coffee
Organic fair trade teabags
Fairtrade Sugar 
Light Snack Hamper
Varied sizes
Pate selection
Connage Clava
Lockerbie Cheddar
Farmhouse Butter
Local oatcake 
Olive selection
Great Glen Charcuterie venison salami
Locally made chocolate
Luxury Welcome Hamper
this is a create your own hamper that you can tailor to your guests which we will be happy to help with suggestions
Whether you are looking to add value, or offer your guest’s an extra service, we plan to make sure you get a preferential deal with discounts on regular orders. Alternatively, if it is an added service, we will reward you through our loyalty scheme for any order placed by your guests which can be exchanged for products or paid back to you.
If you are interested in offering welcome hampers, please get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs and preferences further.





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