Seasonal Scottish Craft Beers arriving this week!

Spey Valley 1814

An authentic Pilsner style beer made with Speyside water, continental and lager malts, an abundance of Czech and German hops with a genuine Pilsner yeast strain.

A light session beer brought out this Christmas.

Give it a go with some fresh seafood – it’s lovely with poached salmon.

Windswept Bear Russian Imperial imageStout

Wow, a 10.5% ABV, barrel aged, Russian Imperial big, complex and gorgeous!

Perfectly matched with a rich dish such as chicken liver pate.

Spey Valley Brewery Spiced Oot Stoutimage

Spey Stout’s festive big brother! It was time to up the ante with this year’s batch; brewed with oranges, satsumas, star anise, cinnamon, stem ginger, bird eye chillies and rum soaked vanilla pods, it was always going to be complex.

The layers of subtle flavours and aromas keep on developing as you drink, inviting you to have another! Dangerously drinkable at 6.1% ABV, be careful with this one!

Good with chocolate puddings and game dishes.

More seasonal recommendations to follow :)

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